READ, and you will know."  This is what Mrs. Jones used to say every day to her son William.  William wanted to know a great many things. His mother did not always tell him, but said, "Read, and you will know."

Then William thought to himself, "I want to know many things. Mother says that if I read, I shall know." So he tried very hard, and soon he learned to read. Then he read many beautiful books. He learned something from every one of them. After a while, he could read every book in his mother's library.

He had a little library of his own, of which he took good care.

Little William Jones grew up to be a man. He had a great deal of knowledge. He was a wise and great man. He was made a judge, and went and lived in India. Then they called him Sir William Jones.

Read, and you will know. There are thousands of good books, and if you will only learn to read, you can know all that is in any good book.

Some foolish children do not care about learning.  They do not know how pleasant it is to read the histories which are in books. Take good care to learn how to read. It will do you good as long as you live.

Read, and you will know. I say this over again, because I wish you to remember it. If you do not learn to read while you are a child, it is likely you will never learn at all. Read a little every day. Get your friends to show you what you cannot make out by yourself. Never pass over any hard word. In a little time you will be able to read every word. Take care to understand what you read.