As two ship-builders were sawing away at a piece of timber one day, they found a bit of it worm-eaten.

"We'd better not use that piece," said one of the workmen.

"Why, we have had trouble enough with it!" said his companion; "'t is a pity to throw it away.

Nobody will see it, and it is only a little decayed; " so they put it in.

After a while the ship was finished. With flags flying, and the merry strain of music, she was launched. She went to the north seas to hunt seals and walruses. She was highly successful, and was nearing home, and had almost reached the harbor, when a storm came on. For a while she stood it bravely enough. Then suddenly she sprung a leak. In came the water through the worm-eaten plank. The sailors struggled against it in vain, and but for the lifeboat, all of them would have gone down, with her rich cargo, to a watery grave-and all through one worm-eaten plank!

Look after little failings now. It will be too late to mend by and by.




Labor of Love.