"HAVE you a recommendation 

"Yes, sir." 

Robert had been seeking a situation for almost a week; and now that he had at last met with something that promised success, he was as nervous as a boy can be. His hand went down in his jacket pocket,—a handkerchief, a strap, but no recommendation. He emptied another pocket and another and another without success. "Ah, there it is, I suppose; you have dropped it on the floor," said the gentleman who was standing by, waiting, as a bit of paper fluttered to the floor. 

"No, sir; that's only my pledge," Robert answered, stooping to pick up the paper. 

"Your pledge?" 

"Yes, sir. My temperance pledge." 

"May I see it? 

Robert handed it to him, and continued his search for the missing paper, growing more nervous as the search proceeded. 

"Never mind, my boy. I don't need any further reference," said the gentleman, after reading the pledge. "I am willing to trust a boy who puts his name to a promise like this. That boy is his own reference."

Royal Board. 

NONE sink so far into hell as those that come nearest heaven, because they fall from the greatest height. None will have such a sad parting from Christ as those who went halfway with him, and then left him.