Do YOU know, children, that, as soon as people have grown up, they begin to wish they were young again? They remember that, when they were children, they had no care, and hardly anything to trouble them. As they have grown older, the cares and duties of life have come and increased; and so they wish themselves back to the time when they were so happy. 

But, while grown-up people are wishing they were children again, the children are wishing they were grown up, and could do as they want to. 

They think that they would be happier if they were older and free to go where they pleased and do as they had a mind to. This is a great mistake, and nearly all children make it. There is no better time than youth, nor one so full of true pleasure and happiness. You who are young will never find a time when you can become the more like Jesus than now, when you can be happier in the love of all that is good and true. 

When I was thirteen years old, my poor widowed mother had to let me go and live with strangers. This was the best she could do for me. 

It was hard for her and me; and I thought the time long before I should be of age and act freely for myself, and, as I imagined, be happy. 

But, looking back to those years of restraint and confinement to labor, I can see that they were the sunniest of my life, notwithstandig I was sometimes ill treated and oppressed. There was more sunshine than cloud, and less care than labor. My heart was light in spite of my loss of home and parent's care. I feared God, and reverenced his house and people. My young associates were all moral and inclined to do right. Our pastimes and pleasures were simple and uncorrupting. 

But all wished they were older, and looked forward to the time when they should be "free," and have 

no one to control them. Nearly all of them lived to become men and women, and have care, greater 

labor, and sorrow. The most of them are among the dead; and soon, if the resurrection day does not come, they all will be asleep in the dust. 

They were all young once, and wished they were older. They were all older, and wished they were younger. 

Children, I tell you these things for your profit. 

You will never be happier in the things of earth than you are today. Be contented and happy now by giving your hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ, and trusting him for all the future.

—Young Pilgrim