MOST persons, especially young people, like to ask counsel of some one before beginning any undertaking. It becomes, then, an important question whom they shall ask, and whose opinion they 

shall follow. Many children and young people seldom consult with any except those of their own age 

and, with as little experience as themselves. 

Perhaps this is because they only wish to confirm their own opinion, and so have their own way in the matter. 

And very often, if counsel is asked of older persons, it is set aside for that of young people. 

Many follow the example of a certain king who lived many years ago, and acted in the same way. This young man had a very wise father; indeed, some say he was the wisest man that ever lived. After his father's death, all the people came to make this young man king; but before doing so, they wanted to know whether he would be kind and just, or whether he would be unkind and cruel. 

After the case was laid before him, he asked counsel of the old men who had counseled his father. 

They told him if he would speak good words to the people and lift their heavy burdens, they would be his servants forever. But this young man, like many in our own day, forsook the counsel of the old men, and advised with those of his own age, who had been brought up with him. 

They told him to add to the burden of the people, and to make their yoke heavy. This advice followed out, took from him the greater share of his kingdom, and caused him much trouble. 

So it always has been and always will be. In any case where we are in doubt as to what course we ought to pursue, it is better to ask the advice of those who by their age and experience are likely to know more of life and its temptations than we. 

Usually the best counselors that you can have are your own father and mother. They know you better and are more interested in your welfare than any one else will be, and so are better fitted to give you good advice. 

We seldom hear any one regret having followed the advice of parents; but how often do we hear expressions of sorrow and regret for having disregarded their commands and counsel. We may also consult with our Father in heaven. To him we may always go, whether old or young. 

He has said that if we acknowledge him in our ways, he will guide our path. The best way to direct your course is to take heed thereto according to God's word.