"MOTHER," said a little boy who had numbered only five summers, "what does it mean to 

give your heart to God?" 

The mother put down her sewing, and looking at her boy, said, “Charlie, do you love anybody?" 

With a look of surprise the child answered, "I love you; I love my father, and my sister, and Henry.,” 

"Then you give your heart to your father, to Henry, to your sister, and to me, and you show that love by doing all you can for us, and obeying our commands." 

The child's face looked bright with a new thought. 

"And you ought," continued the mother, "to love God best, because he gave you your father and mother, and all your friends and comforts; and he gave you his dear Son, Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to die that you may live forever." 

"I do want to give my heart to him, mother; how shall I do it?" 

The mother taught him to tell Jesus his wants, and led him by her example into the good way. 

His child-life did not disappoint her hopes. He always tried to live like Jesus. 

Charles is now one of the best of men, and he says he had one of the best of mothers.

—Mothers' Magazine.