A GENTLEMAN employed a mason to do some work for him, and among other things, to "thin whiten" the walls of one of his rooms. This thin whitening is almost colorless until dried. The gentleman was much surprised, on the morning after the chamber was finished, to find on the drawer of his desk, standing in the room, white finger-marks. Opening the drawer, he found the same on the articles in it, and also on the pocket-

book. An examination revealed the same marks on the contents of a bag. This proved clearly that the mason, with his wet hand had opened the 

drawer, and searched the bag, which contained no money, and had then closed the drawer without once thinking that any one would ever know it. 

The "thin whitening" which happened to be on his hands, did not show at first, and he probably had no idea that twelve hours drying would reveal his wickedness, as the work was all done on the afternoon the drawer was opened. The man did not come again, and to this day does not know that his acts are known to his employer. 

Beware of evil thoughts and deeds! They all leave their finger-marks, which will one day be revealed. Sin defiles the soul. It betrays those who engage in it by the marks it makes on them. 

These may be almost, if not quite, invisible at first.