A FEW years ago we were traveling upon the cars in Northern Iowa. It was early spring-time, and all nature was bursting into life. The wood-lands, hills, and dales presented an enchanting view. We flew by cities and villages, and leaving the rough woodlands, came dashing out over the lovely prairies.

As far as the eye could see was undulating ground covered with the most beautiful flowers, and dotted here and there with thrifty looking farm-houses. Now and then we passed a large herd of cattle tended by the herd boy, who lazily sat on his pony, or lay in the long grass. While gazing from the window, and talking about the scene, we saw in the far distance a beautiful lake. The lovely, white-capped waves were dancing in the sunlight, now dashing upon the shore, then receding only to rush up again with renewed force.

The farmhouses seemed near its shore, and the green grass came quite to the water's edge.

How impatient we were to have the train draw nearer so we could get a better view! We thought, as we rounded a curve, now we shall step out on the platform, and gather shells from its shore before the train moves on. Just as our anticipations were at their height, we found it only a mirage.

Me thought, thus is life. The young man just starting in his career pauses a moment to enjoy the scene presented before him. The picture is fascinating. He longs to hurry through College that he may engage in his profession, gain worldly honor, and become wealthy. Wealth! Oh, how he longs to grasp the glittering prize! Years fly swiftly by, and he has a great name and is a millionaire.

But is he satisfied!—Oh, no. He is still eager for more, and as he rounds the last curve in life, still reaching for happiness, death comes; life with its supposed pleasures has been but a mirage.

All is past, and how bitter the disappointment!

But it need not be thus. One who lives for God and tries to benefit his fellow-men, can feel, when the last hour comes, that success is really his, and that the wealth and honor of heaven await him. God grant that you and I, dear reader, may lay up treasures in heaven..