ON the rocky coast of Scotland, a noble ship was wrecked at some distance from the land. The people of the country gathered in crowds upon the shore, but so fearful were the breakers between the shore and the ship, that no boat could live to reach the helpless crew, whose shrieks and cries could be distinctly heard by those on the shore. At length a cannon was brought, and its booming was heard by those on the ship, above the roar of the surf. Must they not have felt that it was cruel to be firing cannon shots at them, when they were already in such fearful danger.  But, presently, as a shot whizzes over the ship and sinks in the waves beyond, a line falls across the deck. With eager hands they seize it, and begin to haul it in. After a time they reach the end of it, and find a rope attached.

They pull on this until it brings them the end of a strong cable, that, upon trial, they find to be attached to the shore. They make the cable fast to the ship. The life-boat is lowered, and attached to the cable by loops of strong rope. The boat is filled with men, and safely they row to the shore.

Load after load, they pass from the ship, till all are saved. The first thing to be done for that endangered crew was to establish a connection between them and the shore.

This was done by means of the line's falling across the deck of the ship. But this would not have availed anything had not those on board the ship pulled in the line, and then the rope, thus securing the cable, the other end of which was fastened to the shore. So they were brought into connection with the shore, and enabled, by the use of the boat, to reach the land.

Iniquity has separated between us and God, and sin has hid his face from us. Isa. 59:2. In consequence of this, we are hopelessly lost, unless a connection can be established between us and God. In mercy and in love to us, he throws across our pathway a line, the Sabbath-school lesson, of which, if we take hold, it will lead us to the Sabbath-school, a rope; and if we faithfully follow this up, it will bring us to Christ, the strong cable, firmly anchored to the eternal rock. If we will attach ourselves to him by a living faith and obedience to the law of God, we may pass safely over the rough sea of life, and land in the haven of eternal rest, in the kingdom of God. May none of us fail to make use of the most simple methods, which our heavenly Father would employ to bring us into such a living connection with him as shall result in our final salvation, and secure us a home in the earth made new.