QUITE a number of years ago I employed a mute to work in my shop. When I engaged him, our conversation had to be written down. I was not to pay him anything until I had made certain sales. After working a few days, he came and wished me to pay him. I told him I could not until I had made these sales, at which he seemed very much displeased. I told him that it was according to our agreement, but he declared that it was not. Finally I thought of our conversation, which was written in an old scrapbook; so I got it, and showed him just what had been said. He seemed very much surprised, and said he had entirely forgotten it.

Now we read in the Bible that we shall be judged out of the things written in "the books."

By "the books” are meant the books in heaven, in which the record of our lives is daily written by an angel of light. If we could see the record of our lives just as it has been written, do you not think we would be surprised and grieved to see so many wrong and idle words recorded against us?

‘May' we all so live that when we stand before the great white throne, and the Judgment is set and the books are opened, there may be found naught to testify against us.





G. O. S.




No matter how purely and grandly we live today, there is no denying that we may live more purely, more grandly tomorrow.