I WONDER what Johnny Bennett has found so interesting in that old book which lies open upon the table before him. Let us' look over his shoulder, and see what it is in which he is so absorbed. Ah, 't is, the Bible! That priceless treasure which we find in the home of the poor as well as the rich, and Johnny has found a bright gem there, which he has never seen before. His little brown finger points out each word as he reads: "Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, believing, ye shall receive "-one of those precious promises of Christ which he has scattered like bright flowers along life's pathway, and whosoever will may gather them.

Johnny looked down upon his ragged clothes and bare feet, and his eyes brightened at the thought. Why should he not ask God for some of the many things he needed so much? So, falling upon his knees, he prayed: "My Father in heaven, thou knowest how poor my mother is.

She has no money to buy me nice, new clothes such as the other boys have. Winter is coming on, and I have neither jacket nor shoes to keep me warm. Will you not give them to me for Christ's sake? Amen."

Johnny thought he had but one listener, the good All-Father to whom he was speaking. But as he rose from his knees, a loud laugh startled him, and turning quickly, he saw a boy who had stolen softly in, and stood listening to his simple prayer. Now every little village has one or more bad, boys, and Joe Vaughn bore the unenviable reputation of being the bad boy in the village in which he lived. There was nothing he loved better than to annoy his playmates, especially those younger than himself. Now Joe thought he had a rich treat in store, a fine chance to tease poor Johnny.

"Ah, little saint John!" he exclaimed, "So you think jackets and shoes are made in heaven. Are you such a goose as to think God will answer a prayer like that?"

Johnny's face flushed crimson at the cruel taunt, but he bravely answered, "I know he will; just hear what he has promised." And again he read those beautiful words, " Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, believing, ye shall receive." "I asked in the name of Christ, and he will give them to me."

"Oh, yes, he keeps them all ready-made on purpose for little ragamuffins like you. We shall soon have a heavy shower of jackets and shoes in answer to your prayers. I only hope I may be there to see, and get my part," answered Joe in mocking tones, as he left the room. Johnny's faith was not to be dimmed by the wicked boy's taunts; he felt sure that in some way his prayer would be answered.

"Mother, does God always answer prayer?" asked a little girl, and a pair of bright, questioning eyes waited eagerly for the answer.

"Yes, Lucy," answered her mother, "when our prayers are according to his will. But why do you ask?"

"At school today I heard Joe Vaughn laughing about Johnny Bennett's praying for a new jacket and shoes," said Lucy.

"Joe said he expected them to be sent straight from God. How could that be, mother?"

"There are many ways in which God sends us blessings in answer to prayer. All things are in his hands, and he has a right to do as he pleases with his own. He may put it into the heart of some one to give those things to Johnny, and in that way they will come from God. It was only this morning I heard a little girl wondering what she should do with some money, which had been given her. Now this little girl has all that she needs to make her comfortable, and Johnny has nothing. What do you suppose he would do with that money if he had it?" asked her mother.

"I think he would buy him some nice, warm clothes for winter," answered Lucy.

"Why cannot my little daughter act as God's messenger, and buy them for him?"

"Do you really mean that I may give Johnny those things for which he prayed?" eagerly asked Lucy.

"Yes, unless you can think of some better: way of spending your money than in clothing God's poor," answered her mother. Lucy could think of none; for though young, she had already learned the pleasure there is in doing good. So in due time the clothes were bought, and given to Johnny.

It would be hard to tell which of the two enjoyed the presents most. Johnny's joy was very great, and he did not forget earnestly to thank God for thus answering his prayers. While Lucy's quiet happiness seemed to say, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

How many of you have Johnny's faith in God, which cannot be dimmed by the scoffers' taunts?

Be assured that God will hear and answer earnest, simple prayer. Go to him with all your wants, for he cares for you, and his little ones will not be forgotten when he counts up his jewels.


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