THERE was a new church needed in a certain place; so a good man who loved to work for the Lord went about among the people, asking them to give money with which to buy the materials and pay the workmen. But one man said, "No!"

Another said, "I cannot! " Another said, "I am too poor." Somehow or other every one found some excuse for himself, and not a cent was raised.

At last he applied to a member of the church who was poor of purse, but large of heart. Possibly he might help them.

"No!" said the church member; "I have my wife and children to support, and this year I can do no more."

"But," urged the good man, "if you put down your name, others may perhaps follow your example; if you refuse me, I must give up discouraged."

"Father," said a little voice by his side, and the bright eyes of his little daughter looked up into his face. "Father, if you will only put down your name, I will earn the money by picking berries and selling them. Honest and true, I will. Please 'don't say no, Father."

The bright eyes were very earnest. The father could not resist his little girl's pleading, so he promised to pay a certain sum.

The discouraged worker again took heart, and went once more among the people, telling them of the love and zeal of this little girl. Many were touched by the story, and one after another put his name on the paper, till there was an abundance of money.

Then the bricklayers came, and the carpenters, and the masons, and after a time a beautiful new church was built; and the people always said that it was all owing to one little girl.