A LITTLE plant was given to a sick girl. In trying to take care of it the family made changes in their way of living. First they cleaned the window that more light might come to its leaves; then, when not too cold, they would open the window that fresh air might help the plant to grow. Next, the clean window made the rest of the room look so untidy that they used to wash the floor and walls and arrange the furniture more neatly. This led the father of the family to mend a broken chair or two, which kept him at home several evenings. After the work was done, he staid at home, instead of spending his evenings at the tavern; and the money thus saved went to buy comforts for them all. And then as the home grew attractive the whole family loved it more than ever before, and grew healthier and happier with their flower. Thus the little plant brought a moral as well as a physical blessing.