A YOUNG fellow, who had just enlisted in the English army, had his courage severely put to the test on the very first night of his stay, among his new comrades. Before going to bed, he knelt down to pray as he had been accustomed to when at home. Instantly there was a great noise among the soldiers in the room. Caps and belts were flung over at the man, but he did not move until, having finished his devotions, he rose from his knees and went to bed. 

There was a great deal of talk among his comrades, and the question was asked,— 

"Will he try it again?" 

When bedtime came on the second night, there was a momentary hush, and glances were turned toward the bed of the new recruit. Down he went on his knees again, and again were caps and belts thrown at him as on the night before, and the men whistled and made all sorts of strange noises. On the third night the same occurrence took place, and on the fourth, and also the fifth; the brave young soldier, doing his duty like a hero, never flinching and never complaining of the rude treatment of his companions. At last one of the roughest of them all, said,— 

"Boys, he's genuine; he stands fire;" and from that time the annoyance ceased. Every one in the room respected him, and some of them followed his example. 

Why should any one be ashamed to pray, or do anything else that is right? Dare to do your duty, whatever it is or wherever it may place you, and God will surely bless you in it. The very people who laugh at you for being religious often wish themselves the same, and those who seek to annoy and to persecute you because of your love for God, feel in their very hearts that you are right.


THERE is a mountain pass in Switzerland, over which the traveler is conducted, blindfolded. He might lose his footing if he caught but one bewildering glimpse of the chasm below. In like manner a wise love conceals from us those circumstances that might distract our attention from the immediate line of duty, and withholds the knowledge that might occasion bewilderment and a fall.