SOME years ago a young lady in one of our great cities became an earnest Christian. Her parents were very worldly people, and determined to make their daughter like themselves. Thinking that the best way to divert her attention from the Bible and the church was to surround her with worldy pleasures, they gave a grand party, to which they invited the gayest and most fashionable people in their large circle of friends. From this company she naturally shrank, and would much have 'perferred to be at the quiet prayer-meeting, held the same evening. But she made no objections to her parents' wishes, and cheerfully assisted them in receiving and entertaining the guests.

During the course of the evening some one asked her to sing. As she had a beautiful voice, and was known to have been a singer of many popular songs, this request was taken up by others, until, at last, it became general. At first she declined; but, being urged, she at last consented, and went to the piano. A hush fell upon the gay assembly.

All present knew of the change in her feelings, and were wondering what she would sing. She herself felt that the moment was a crisis in her life. If she sang one of her old songs, she would be regarded as denying her profession, and she would dishonor her Saviour. But what else was there for her to sing?  For a little time there was a great conflict in her heart; and then, almost forgetting where She was, and realizing her own need of help more than anything else, she began, in a low, sweet voice:-


Jesus, lover of my soul,

Let me to thy bosom fly;


and sung it to the close.

The effect of this on the gay company was extraordinary. Every heart was touched. Not a few found relief for their feelings in tears. The young lady herself became the object of the greatest respect. Even her parents admired her courage and devotion; and, shortly afterward, gave their own hearts and lives to Christ. Nor did the good work stop with them. Many of the votaries at the altar of worldly pleasure, who had witnessed this instance of the power and sweetness of faith in Christ, turned to Him who is the soul's true refuge, and found forgiveness and peace at his hands.

Such is the power of a holy example.