ON a cold, dark night, when the wind was blowing hard and the snow falling fast, Conrad, a worthy citizen of a little town in Germany, sat playing his flute, while Ursula, his wife, was preparing supper. They heard a sweet voice singing outside: 

"Foxes to their holes have gone,

Every bird unto its nest; 

But I wander here alone,

And for me there is no rest.''

Tears filled the good man's eyes as he said: "What a fine, sweet voice! 

What a pity it should be spoiled by being tried in such weather!

"I think it is the voice of a child. 

Let us open the door and see," said the wife, who had lost a little boy not long before, and whose heart was opened to take pity on the little wanderer. Conrad opened the door, and saw a ragged child, who said, 

"Charity, good sir, for Christ's sake!"

"Come in, my little one," said he. 

"You shall rest with me for the night."

The boy said, "Thank God!" and entered. The heat of the room made him faint, but Ursula's kind care soon revived him. They gave him some supper, and then he told them he was the son of a poor miner, and wanted to be a scholar. He wandered about and sang, and lived on the money people gave him. His kind friends would not let him talk much, but sent him to bed. When he was asleep, they looked in upon him, and were so pleased with his pleasant countenance that they determined to keep him, if he was willing. In the morning they found that he was only too glad to remain with them.

They sent him to school, and afterward he went into a monastery. 

There one day he found a Bible, which he read, and learned the way of life. The sweet voice of the little singer became a strong echo of the good news: " Justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Conrad and Ursula, when they took the little street singer into their house, little thought they were nourishing the great champion of the Reformation. The poor child was Martin Luther.

 Christian at Work.

THE beautiful summer days bring to us many very sweet messages from God. Every flower reminds us of him; for Jesus said that he clothes the flowers. Then the birds as they sing speak of him; for he feeds them. Let us always remember that God's hand makes every lovely thing we see.