"THAT young Brown has become a Christian, has he?" said one businessman to another. 

"Yes, I heard so." 

"Well, I'll have an eye on him to see if he holds out. I want a trusty young man in my store. 

They are hard to find. If this is the real thing with him, he will be just the man I want. I'm watching him closely." 

So young Brown went in and out the store, and up and down the streets. He mixed with his old associates, and all the time Mr. Todd had an eye on him. He watched how the young man bore the sneer of being "one of the saints;" if he stood up manfully for his new Master, and was not afraid to show his colors. 'Although Mr. Todd took rides, went to church, or did what he pleased on the Sabbath, he was very glad to see that Brown rested on that day and hallowed it. Though the Wednesday evening bell never drew the merchant to prayer meeting, he watched to see if Brown passed by. Sometimes he said, "Where are you going, Brown?"  and always received the prompt answer, 

"To prayer meeting."  Brown's father and his teacher were both questioned as to how the lad was getting on. 

For a year or more Todd's eyes were on Brown. 

Then he said to himself: "He'll do. He is a real Christian. I can trust him. I can afford to pay him. He shall have a good place in my store."  

Thus, young Christians, others watch to see if you are true; if you'll do for places of trust. The world has its cold, calculating eye on you, to see if your religion is real, or if you are just ready to turn back.. The Master's loving eye is on you also. 

He sees not the missteps alone, but also the earnest wish to please him. He, too, has places of trust. The work is pleasant, and the pay good. 

These places may be for you when, through his strength, you have proved yourself true. Fix your eye on him, and he will keep you in the way.