I know a little boy whose real name is Peter Parsons, but the boys call him, Peter Putoff, because he has such a way of putting off both business and pleasure.

He can learn his lessons well, but he is almost always at the bottom of his class, because he has put off learning his task from one hour to another until it is too late. He can walk or run as fast as any boy in town, but if he is sent on an errand, the errand never gets done in season, because he puts off starting from one moment to another; and for the same reason he is almost always late at school, because he can never be made to see that it is drawing near to nine o'clock.

If letters are given him to post, they seldom get in, in time for the mail; and if he is to go away by the boat or train, the whole family have to exert themselves to hurry Peter out of the house, lest he defer starting till the hour be past. He delays in his play as in his work.. He puts off reading in the library book until it is time to send it back; he waits to join the game until it is too late; and generally comes up a little behind-hand for everything all the week through, and then begins the new week by being too late for church and Sabbath-school. Peter is quite conscious of his own fault, and means to reform sometime, but he puts off the date of the reformation so constantly that manhood and old age will probably overtake this boy, and find him still worthy of the name of Peter Putoff.



Little Sower.