A LITTLE boy was going from Chicago to Buffalo on a lake steamer. In his play on deck one morning, he ran too near the edge of the vessel, and fell overboard into the water. The cry, "A boy overboard!" was made. Every one rushed on deck, but no one knew what to do. 

There was on board a young sailor, a very slender, timid young man, who, because he wouldn't fight nor drink nor gamble like the other sailors, went by the name of "the coward." At that moment he came on deck, saw what was the trouble, and saying, "I'll save him if I can!" threw himself overboard to fight with the waves and save a life. It was a desperate fight; but at last he rose near the side of the vessel, bearing in his arms the tender young life he had risked his own to save. A shout of joy arose from every lip as both were brought on board. 

That was an example of true bravery, and showed that the young sailor had more true courage than those who so tauntingly called him a coward. We may never have a chance to risk our lives as this young man did, but every day we may show true bravery by doing right, by helping others when we can. Jesus gave us that kind of example when he came down to earth and died upon the cross that he might save us.

—Missionary Visitor.