AN old Indian once asked a white man to give him some tobacco for his pipe. The man gave him a loose handful from his pocket.

The next day he came back and asked for the white man. "For," said he, "I found a quarter of a dollar among the tobacco."

"Why don't you 'keep it?" asked a bystander.

"I've got a good man, and a bad man here," said the Indian, pointing to his breast, " and the good man say, It is not mine; give it back to the owner.' The bad man say, `Never mind; you got it, and it is your own now.' The good man say, No, no; you must not keep it.' So I don't know what to do, and I think to go to sleep, but the good and bad men keep talking all night, and trouble me; and now I bring the money back I feel good."

If we want blessing and peace in this world and the next, we must keep on good terms with the good man inside. If we refuse the counsel of conscience, and neglect the word of God, we shall walk in darkness, and go down to night at last. God has given us an inward monitor, and he gives us his word to instruct us, and his Spirit to lead us; and happy shall we be if we heed his voice, and are guided by his counsel.



Little Christian.