THE old city of Troy had but one gate. You would search in vain for a second through all its high walls in all their ample circumference. There was only one way, and no other could be found that led into the city. Nevertheless, the one gate was passable for all save an enemy. 

Even so is the way into life eternal in the city of God. "I am the door," said Christ. "Strait is the gate," he also said; and again, "Enter ye in at the strait gate." Troy was, but Jerusalem the golden is. 

Its door is wide open, its gate ever accessible. The way there is narrow, but all the lowly can walk in it. The gate is difficult, but all may find it. There is room enough within the pearly gate of the ample city for all who will enter. 

None need remain outside. 

But the one way, the one gate—do you find it? Are you seeking it? Is your hand on the latch, and hold of the door? Do you hear the wide, wide welcome shouted through the shining portal,— .

 "Come in; come in! 

Eternal glory thou shalt win?" 

Will you pass in by the only appointed way, the one gate, and be forever blessed? Come and enter now, before the door is closed against you, and the star of hope sinks from sight behind the dark mountains of judgment.


O YOUNG man, build thy studio on Calvary! There raise thine observatory, and scan by faith the lofty things of nature. Take thee a hermit's cell in the garden of Gethsemane, and lave thy brow with the waters of Siloam. Let the Bible be thy standard classic,—thy last appeal in matters of contention. Let its light be thine illumination, and thou shalt be more wise than Plato, more truly learned than the seven sages of antiquity.