HESTER was a little girl who was trying to love and serve Jesus. And she showed her love for Jesus by seeking to please him in all she did. She loved to do errands for her mother, and to have her mother say she was a faithful servant, when she did them well. 

One day she had been talking with her mother about God. As they got through, she looked up with a bright thought beaming in her eyes, and said,— "Why, mother, then God is sending us on errands ‘all' the time. Oh! It is so nice to think that I am God's little errand-girl." 

"Yes, dear," said her mother; God has given us all errands to do for him, and plenty of time to do them in, and a book full of directions to show us how to do them. Every day we can tell him what we are trying to do, and ask him to help us. And when he calls us home to himself, we shall have great joy in telling him what we have been trying to do for him." 

"I like that," said Hester." It is very pleasant to be allowed to do errands for God." 

"One of my errands," said her mother, "is to take care of you." 

"And one of mine, dear mother, is to honor and obey you. I think God gives us very pleasant errands to do." 

You know that nothing makes us more happy than to do anything for a person that we really love. This is what Jesus meant when he said, 

"My yoke is easy, and my burden is light." This is what the Apostle John meant when he said that 

"His commandments are not grievous." His people serve him from love, and that makes everything they do for him light and pleasant to them



LITTLE Charlie listened eagerly as his father read the third chapter of Revelation; but when he came to the twentieth verse,—"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock,"—he could not wait, but ran up to his father, eagerly asking, "Father, did he get in?" I ask this question now: Has Christ got into your heart? Let him in now, and this will be the happiest day of your life.