A MISSIONARY was requested to go out to a new settlement to address a Sabbath-school. He had preached in the morning, and was wearied and felt quite unfitted for the task, but reluctantly consented to go. When he found himself at the spot he looked round on the assembly with great misgivings, not knowing what to say to them. He noticed a little girl, shabbily dressed and bare-footed, shrinking in a corner, her little sun burnt face buried in her hands, the tears trickling between her small brown fingers, and she sobbing as if her heart would break. Soon, however, another little girl, about eleven years old, got up and went to her, led her toward a brook, then seated her on a log; and kneeling beside her, she took off her ragged sunbonnet, and dipping her hand in the water, bathed her hot eyes and tear-stained face, and smoothed the tangled hair, talking in a cheery manner all the while. The little one brightened up; the tears all went away, and smiles came creeping around the rosy mouth. The missionary stepped forward and said, " Is that your little sister, my dear?" 

"No, sir," answered the child, with tender, earnest eyes, “I have no sister, sir." 

"Oh, one of the neighbors' children " replied the missionary. " A little school-mate, perhaps?" 

"No, sir; she is a stranger. I do not know where she came from. I never saw her before." 

"Then how came you to take her out, and have such a care for her, if you do not know her?" 

"Because she was a stranger, sir, and seemed all alone, and needed somebody to be kind to her." 

"Ah!" said the missionary to himself, "here is a text for me to preach from, Because she was a stranger, and seemed to be all alone, and needed some one to be kind to her.'" These words came to him:" Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." So, taking the little girl by the hand, he went back to the school-room, and told the people the simple story; then spoke of the great love that all should bear to one another, even as our Saviour sought out those who were humble and of low estate, making them his peculiar care. The missionary forgot his weariness, and felt that God had put a good word into his mouth.