TOWARD the close of the summer of 1874, a boy with a Bible, was found by a Norwegian schooner, on the middle of the North Sea, down toward the English Channel. The boy said that he was sitting on the English coast near his home, reading his Bible, but that he was scorned and annoyed by other boys, on which account he went and placed himself in a boat which lay at the strand. But, on a sudden, his persecutors cut the rope, and the boat drifted out on the sea. He was not able to row against the tide, which was very strong. In addition to this, a dense fog arose. At last, he was so overcome by weariness that he fell asleep. The crew of the Norwegian schooner could hardly wake him; and he was too weary to take hold of the rope which was thrown to him, because he had spent three days and two nights on the open sea. 

It is remarkable also that the captain, as he says himself, was moved by an unaccountable instinct to steer his ship in the direction in which he discovered the boat with the sleeping boy, since it was out of his proper course. 

Does not God hear the prayers of those that confide in him?" I will lay me down in peace, and sleep; for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety." 

Psalms  4:8.