A NUMBER of girls formed a society called the "burden bearers." They were each pledged to try to do something to help those around them, to lighten their burdens; and their excellent motto was, "Lift a little." Once a week they met and related their successes. One little girl had risen an hour earlier in the morning and taken care of a fretful baby, so that her mother could get a little rest after being disturbed by the crying child during the night; another had tried to keep from making unnecessary noises with hands and feet, which she had a habit of doing, and thus disturbing the household; a third had endeavored to keep a play-mate from whispering in school-time and annoying her teacher; and thus in many ways they "lifted a little" of the care and weariness from their friends and neighbors. 

Such an excellent suggestion should have the widest possible circulation, and we therefore recommend the plan to all our young readers. The boys as well as the girls can easily find many ways to "lift a little." Many of those gray hairs and lengthening wrinkles, which you may see changing the features of father and mother, are marks made by little cares and troubles, many of which might be prevented by thoughtful children. Few persons are called upon to perform a great deed, but it will be just as noble to abound in "little acts of kindness." Begin today to do your part, and try to "lift a little."