A WARM bright afternoon in August. Plenty of work going on in Mrs. Kilburn's log cabin. 

Such a pretty spot as that cabin stood in! Just at the foot of one of the New Hampshire hills, lovely green meadows stretching out before it, and in the distance the Connecticut River slipping lazily by. Inside the house, as I said, work was going on. Mrs. Kilburn and her young daughter always had work to do. What with cutting and contriving and planning all the clothes for their own household, even the coats and pantaloons for father and the boys, added to everything else that they had to do, kept them busy enough. 

On this particular afternoon, it was cooking that was being done. Tomorrow some of the friends who lived quite a distance away were coming to see them, and mother and daughter were very anxious to show how nicely they lived in their log cabin, and how many comforts they had. 

Out in the field Mr. Kilburn and his son John, with a neighbor and his young son, were at work with the wheat. A splendid crop they had, and while they worked, they talked together about the coming winter, and how the great harvests that were gathering in would save them from many of the trials of last winter. Cheery, hopeful talk, and hard work. 

Suddenly came Ruff, the dog, bounding along at full gallop, his hair seeming to stand up' all over his' back, his ears set as if in rage, and uttering low growls. 

"Look at Ruff," said Mr. Pike, the neighbor. 

"What is the matter with him?" 

Mr. Kilburn dropped his scythe and seized his gun. 

"Indians!" he said briefly. "Come on, boys. 

Let's make for the house! There is no time to lose when Ruff looks like that." John was acquainted with Ruff's habits, and had seized his own gun even before his father spoke, and was now taking long steps toward home and mother. 

"The Indians are coming!" he said to his mother the instant he pushed open the cabin door. 

Do you suppose she screamed, and the little girl fainted? 

Not a bit of it. She dropped the tin she was setting in the oven, it is true; but she said quietly,— 



As the Israelites were to come on their journey to the land of Canaan and destroy the inhabitants of the land because they were devil worshipers and God wanted Israel to live in the land of Canaan, so the time came for the people that worshiped God to journey to America and destroy the devil worshipers or if some could be converted to love Jesus that is better and establish a country that worship the God of heaven, where they could be free from persecutions of the past.  

Soon there will come a time when there will be no more war and this promise of God will be fulfilled.

“--nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

Isaiah 2:4