AT one time in the history of the world, when it had become very wicked, there was but one family found who feared God, and that was Noah's. The Lord told Noah that he would bring a flood upon the earth to destroy all flesh, but told him to build a vessel, which would bear him upon the bosom of the great waters. This servant did as he was told, and when the work was completed, God called to Noah, "Come thou and all thine house into the ark." They obeyed, and the Lord shut them in. They were safe from all the storms without, while the wicked world perished outside the ark.

The earth has since been replenished, so that there are now more people than there were then, and full as many wicked ones. The Lord set the rainbow in the heavens as a sign that he would never destroy the earth again by water; but he has said that he will purify it by fire, and set up a kingdom which shall endure forever. 

He tells us who are to live in that kingdom. They are those who have "clean hands and a pure heart."

The Lord looks down upon the world in love and is not willing that any should perish. He says, "Look unto me all the ends of the earth, and be ye saved." He has sent his only Son from Heaven to open the way, and to help us to perfect such a character that we may become citizens in his new kingdom. Especially does he confer a high honor upon the youth by calling them to himself; for, "Those who seek me early shall find me," and many like expressions are found in his word.

Jesus is our Ark of safety. In him we may feel secure. He is stronger than all the foes with which we have to contend. The invitation is extended not only to our fathers and mothers to come into the Ark, but it is said to them, "Come thou and all thine house." This includes the weakest, the youngest. He knows who are his, and when the time comes to gather the elect for his kingdom, he will "bring his sons from far and his daughters from the ends of the earth." 

Those who have chosen to remain outside the Ark will be left to perish.  Reader, are you in the Ark, or are you content to remain outside?



How wide our influence spreads, and whether it be for good or evil, we too seldom pause to think. In the daily round of life we grow accustomed to thinking that it requires all our time and thoughts for our work, and we shut out from our thoughts and sympathies the thousands with whom we come in contact, regardless of what influence our actions are exerting upon others, and careless of what harm our coldness and thoughtlessness may do those whom we might benefit.

If a person is pointed out as to be very needy, almost any one is humane enough to give something toward supplying his immediate wants, but it is too often flung out to him with a coldness that chills his heart. Bread is acceptable in the hour of want, but it only satisfies the body, while a kind word, a friendly smile, a warm pressure of the hand will cheer the fainting heart and encourage the despairing. 

It will gain their confidence, too; and your life, if it is an upright one, will influence them for good. Kind words do not cost anything, while they enrich the giver; and isn't it worth the effort they may cost, when we think how they help to lighten heavy burdens, and put sunshine into the lives of weary ones

A kind, encouraging word may turn some wayward feet from the downward path, and a word of warning spoken with earnest, heartfelt love for humanity, may save a precious soul from a ruin worse than death. "No man lives to himself alone." How careful, then, should we be, that our influence may be only for good.


YOUNG people should never forget how much the choice of associates has to do with success or failure in life. Not only does the selection of friends show what a man's tastes and inclinations are, but it reacts, creating inclination and desire. If you associate with those who have noble ambitions and worthy purposes, your own ambitions and purposes will be ennobled and purified, it may be unconsciously to yourself. On the other 

hand, if your friends are those of base desires and petty aims, they will no less surely debase and degrade you by mere contact. Choose your companions wisely, then, for your future, no less than your present, happiness.