“MAMMA," said Alfred one night as he was going to bed, "I prayed three prayers, and the Lord has answered two of them; do you think he'll answer the other?" 

"I think he will, dear; but tell me about these prayers. What were they?" 

"One was that he would make you well, and you're not sick any more. Another was that he would make' papa more kind; and he has been more kind lately, hasn't he?" 

"Yes, dear; now-what's the third?" 

"I prayed that God would keep us children from quarreling; but he hasn't answered that yet, for Daisy and I quarreled dreadfully today." 

"Ah, my son, you will have to help the Lord to answer that." 

"Help the Lord, mamma? Can't he do everything?" 

"He wont make you good, Alfred, against your will, If you choose to be a naughty boy, God will be sorry for you; but you will be naughty still. But if you earnestly wish to be a good boy, and when Satan tempts you to quarrel, if you turn right to God for strength to resist him, and then fight like a good little soldier to keep down the naughty temper, then God will give you the victory. But he won't do the work for you." 

"Oh, I didn't understand," said the little boy. 

"Yes, my dear," continued mamma, 

"You have something to do yourself when you pray such a prayer, to help God to answer it. You must watch and pray, and' fight against temptation; and if you do this, you will be able by-and-by to come and tell me that God has answered all three of your prayers.

Morning Light.