A SHORT time ago, a pale-faced little girl walked hurriedly into a bookstore in Annasburg, and said to the man serving at the counter, "Please, sir, I want a book that's got "Suffer little children to come unto me," in it; and how much is it, sir? And I'm in a 


The shop man bent down, and dusted his spectacles. "And suppose I haven't the book you want, what then, my dear?"

"Oh, sir, I shall be so sorry; I want it so!" and the little voice trembled at there being a chance of disappointment.

The kind shop man took the thin hand of his small customer in his own.

 "Will you be so very sad without the book? And why are you in such a hurry?"

"Well, sir, you see, I went to school one Sunday, when Mrs. West, who takes care of me, was away; the teacher read about a Good Shepherd, who said those words; and about a beautiful place where he takes care of his children, and I want to go there. 

I'm so tired of being where there's nobody to care for a little girl like me, only Mrs. West, who says I'd be better dead than alive."

"But why are you in such a hurry?" 

"My cough's getting so bad now, sir, and I want to know all about Him before I die; it'ud be so strange to see him and not know him. Besides, if Mrs. West knew I was here, she'd take away the six cents I've saved, running messages, to buy the book with; so I'm in a hurry to get served."

The bookseller wiped his glasses very vigorously this time, and lifting a book from off a shelf, he said, "I'll find the words you want, my little girl; come and listen." Then he read the words of the loving Saviour (Luke 18:16) get your Bibles and find the place, children, and told her how this Good Shepherd had got a home all light, and rest, and love, prepared for those who love and serve him.

"Oh, how good!" was the half breathless exclamation of the eager little buyer. "And he says, 'Come.'  I'll go to him. How long do you think it may be, sir, before I see him?  "Not long, perhaps," said the shopkeeper, turning away his head. "You shall keep the six cents, and come here every day, while I read you some more out of this Book."

Thanking him, the small girl hurried away. Tomorrow came, and another tomorrow, and many days passed, but the little girl never came to hear about Jesus again. One day, a loud-voiced, untidy woman ran into the shop, saying," Dixey's dead! She died rambling about some Good Shepherd, and she said you was to have these six cents for the mission-box at school. As I don't like to keep dead men's money, here it is," and she ran out of the shop. The cents went into the box, and when the story of Dixey was told, so many followed her example with their cents that at the end of the year "Dixey's cents," as they were called, were found to be sufficient to send out a missionary to China to bring stranger sheep to the Good Shepherd.

Are you one of his lambs? Are you listening to catch the very last word of his invitation “Come" now is the day of salvation?" Are you ready to go if he called you tonight? 

He wants an answer now. 


in London Christian.