"WHEN I was a boy," said an old man, "we had a schoolmaster who had an odd way of catching 

idle boys. One day he called out to us, 'Boys, I must have closer attention to your books. The first one of you that sees another boy idle, I want you to inform me, and I will attend to the case.' 

"‘Ah,' thought I to myself, 'there is Joe Simmons, whom I don't like; I'll watch him, and if I see him look off his book, I'll tell.' It was not long before I saw Joe look off his book, and I immediately informed the master. 

"'Indeed?' said he. How did you know he was idle?' 

"'I saw him,' said I. " 'You did? And were your eyes on your book when you saw him?' 

"I was caught, and never watched for idle boys again." If we are sufficiently watchful over our own conduct, we shall have no time to find fault with the conduct of others. 



LITTLE Annie, before going to bed, lifted up her heart in prayer to Jesus, and gave herself into his keeping, while Nettie, her sister, was thoughtlessly undressing herself and jumping into bed without prayer. Annie at once fell asleep, and was resting peacefully in the arms of Him to whom she committed herself, while Nettie was restlessly turning over. At length she awoke Annie, complaining that her pillow was hard and so fiat that she could not sleep upon it. "I know what is the matter with your pillow," said Annie; "there is no prayer in it." Little Nettie thought a moment, then crept quietly out of bed, prayed, lay down again and found her pillow softer. She then said to herself, "That is what my pillow wanted; it is soft now;" and she soon, too, was sweetly sleeping.—

S. S. Visitor. 




IN youth, you must lay in a stock of knowledge, which may carry you through life, whatever your after-pursuits may be, with usefulness and honor. 

But recollect this is not to be done without exertion, without the frequent sacrifice of momentary pleasure and gratification. Self-denial is a virtue of the highest quality; and he who has it not, and does not strive to acquire it, will never excel in anything