IT is related of Dr. Payson that once, in the progress of a revival at his church in Portland, after having repeatedly invited meetings at his house of those who wished to seek religion, he one day gave an invitation to all those young persons who did not intend to seek religion. Any one who did not know Dr. Payson would be surprised to hear that thirty or forty came. He had a very pleasant, social interview with them, saying nothing about the subject of religion until, just as they were about to leave, he closed with a very few, plain and simple remarks in the following manner:— 

"Suppose you should see, coming down from heaven, a very fine thread, so fine as to be almost invisible, and it should come and very gently attach itself to you. Should you, knowing that it came from God, dare to put out your hand and brush it away?" 

He dwelt a few minutes upon this idea, until every one had a clear and fixed conception of it, and of the hardihood, which any one would manifest who should openly break off even such a tie. 

"Now," continued he, "just such a slender, delicate thread has come from God to you, this afternoon. You do not feel, you say, any interest in religion; but by coming here this afternoon, God has fastened one little thread upon you all; it is very weak and frail, and you can, in a moment, brush it away. But you certainly will not do so. 

Welcome it, and it will enlarge and strengthen itself, until it becomes a golden chain to bind you forever to God."