THE Bible says, "The path of the just is as the shining light." In the vaults of the Pantheon, in Paris, there is a monument to the memory of a learned man of the last century. The design is that of a coffin, through the half-open lid of which appears a hand holding a light. 

What meaning do we gather from this symbol? Surely, that the good and wise leave behind them a light to guide others. 

Nor is it the great alone who can leave this light behind them; a little lamp may beam from many a grave, where lies perhaps only a humble person, or a little child,—the smallest of God's servants, who has tried faithfully to do his will on earth. 

THERE is no greater everyday virtue than cheerfulness. It is like sunshine to the day, or gentle, renewing moisture to parched herbs. Be cheerful always. There is no path but will be easier traveled, no load but will be lighter, no shadow on heart or brain but will lift sooner, in the presence of a determined cheerfulness.